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Football has formed a vital part of my life to the point that some of my earliest memories come from football. Ever since the age of three I’ve been a fan going to stadiums, watching matches and playing all forms of the sport.

Like the millions of football fans out there, I tried to pursue a career as a footballer and unfortunately, it was painful for me to realise that I wasn’t gifted with the talent. This however hasn’t stopped me from loving the game any less and to me football is the most beautiful thing ever. I believe it goes beyond just 90 minutes of entertainment. It’s a part of life. It’s a religion and all I want to do is share my passion and love for the beautiful game.

I want people to experience football in different way with another perspective through giving unfiltered opinions on many different topics and observations. To me it’s not about the Subscribers, Likes or Views. Football is my religion. I love this Game and I happen to be skilful at editing videos. I want Football religion to be bigger than just a guy making videos.

I want to create a worldwide platform through my blog and YouTube for football fans to share their views, experiences and unconditional love and passion for football. My intention with Football Religion is to create content that should spark the fire within all of you football fans out there in the world to engage with each other. Let the Man United Fan in South Africa share his thoughts and Passion with the Man City Fan in Ghana. At the end of the day football would be nothing without the Fans. Let’s Comment, Debate and Share. This is what Football Religion TV is all about!

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Football is Religion

Nyasha99 (The Creator of Football Religion TV & lifetime Arsenal Fan)

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