Arsene Wenger vs Jose Mourinho One of the Most fierce rivalries.

Over the last few years the English Premier League has not seen a rivalry unfold non like the Mourinho vs Wenger Saga which has gone on for the last few years since 2004/2005.

Jose Mourinho was the manager who hit Wenger after the invincibles error. Back then, Mourinho was young and I don’t think Wenger liked him much given that he was the manager who took his invincible crown back in ’04.

Since 2004 Jose Mourinho’s and Arsene Wenger’s relationship soured. However it seems that Mourinho has had the upper hand in the mind games over Wenger.

Who could forget the specialist in failure comment he made before hammering Arsene 6-0. Since Wenger has been in management it should be noted that Mourinho won 2 champions leagues and other accolades, it seems that he has had the upper hand over Arsene in The Mind games category given that Wenger is still yet to beat him in a competitive match. With that said, Mourinho frustrated Wenger the other year to the extent that the Arsenal manager ended up pushing Mourinho.

There has been countless times where Wenger’s and Jose Mourinho’s hand shakes have been a post match talking point.

Merci Arsène

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